Real Time Performance Optimization

Regener8 is a fully-mobile on-site athlete service company based in Toronto, Canada. We are composed of highly skilled therapists and trainers who are specifically trained to help you recover faster in between games, practices, workouts and travel. We achieve this by delivering a variety of safe, effective, and drug-free “real-time” performance optimization techniques, therapies and nutritional support to help enhance your performance, reduce your chances of getting injured and make sure you are ready to give 100% next time you compete!

Experience the real difference BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you compete. REGENER8 your mind and body to feel the immediate results!

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We can help with:

  • Sore, stiff, aching muscles that stop you from moving freely
  • Recurring muscle cramps and spasms that effect your performance
  • Anxiety and stress from the pressure to succeed, or fear from injury
  • Chronic injuries that limit your ability to play to your full potential
  • Implementing a strategic eating routine to improve your performance
  • Your daily food choices and how it effects your energy levels
  • Educating you on understanding with the relationship between what goes in your mouth (food, supplements) and the effect it has on your body from a peak performance and recovery perspective

Who Uses Our Services

Tournament Organizers

Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Etc.

Training Camps/Training Centers

Fitness Facilities, Crossfit,
Hockey Schools

Sports Teams & Organizations

Professional & Amateur

Sporting Events/Sporting Venues

5k / 10k / 25k
Half Marathon / Full Marathon

Obstacle Courses

Tough Mudder, Spartan, Etc.

Individual Athletes

Males/Females, Weekend Warriors, Amateur/Professional Athletes from all sports

We understand that due to severe time constraints, athletes do not get the attention they need and deserve to Regener8 their mind and body when it is most convenient for them. We make it easy.

Let us travel to your location and help give you the edge to maximize your performance!

See how you can benefit from our services.

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