The Founder

A former competitive hockey player, Dilshad Alvi has been involved in the sport, health and fitness field for more than 20 years. After suffering recurrent injuries, his path to rehabilitation created a desire to treat similarly injured people in a non-invasive, holistic manner.

In his early career as a Registered Massage Therapist, Dilshad was faced with distressed clients who admitted that they did not have a consistent treatment program in place. The most common response from clients as to why they didn’t engage in a regular therapy program, despite their injuries, was that they “didn’t have time”. In fact, it was commonplace for his patients to completely disregard their health in the pursuit of other activities or obligations.

Troubled by this reality, Dilshad vowed to make it as convenient as possible for his clients to become healthy and maintain that state of wellness. If clients perceived that they did not have time to seek treatment, he would bring treatments to them.

It is this unparalleled commitment to the relief of stress/chronic pain, injury prevention/illness and peak performance that has garnered him much success in his career. His dedication to excellence in therapeutic massage, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, herbology and experience as a Doctor of Acupuncture has built his reputation amongst high-end clientele. His resume includes working with professional athletes (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, and Professional Bodybuilders), Film Production Personnel, Celebrities and Business Professionals.  He is also experienced in the treatment of auto and work related injuries in a variety of clinical settings.

Dilshad is also often called upon to share his expertise and experience through public speaking engagements.

Today, he has developed a professional team of fully mobile, on-site Regener8 Specialists who help athletes optimize their performance BEFORE, DURING and AFTER they compete. Our main objective is to improve the quality of soft tissue that has been damaged through high intensity physical output and restore the athlete’s energy level to its’ previous full potential.