Athlete Optimizer Program

Champions are made before the game winning goal

It’s true for refining your skills as well keeping your body ‘game-day-ready’ year round. In order to ensure you can perform at peak condition, be resilient against the wear and tear of your sport and minimize any injury risk, you have to take your regeneration as seriously as you take your practice.

Simply, put you cannot have championship level performance without championship level recovery.

Regener8’s Athlete Optimizer Program is a 12 week program designed to empower athletes with all the skills they need to recover, refuel and optimize their body to be game day ready, year round.

The Athlete Optimizer Program is a system that runs off of any mobile device and delivers daily recovery practices for the athlete to maintain while also providing detailed daily lessons on how to optimize and personalize the recovery practice for each athlete.

Unlike other programs that leave you to fend for yourself, the Athlete Optimizer Program also includes active coaching from Regener8 experts who monitor athlete progress and follow up to ensure they are getting the most out of the program.

It’s like having a one stop shop of world class physical therapists, nutritionists and recovery experts guiding and coaching you for 12 weeks on day to day basis.

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The Athlete Optimizer Program Includes::

  • 12 weeks of daily recovery and performance optimizing practices
  • 12 weeks of daily lessons designed to help athletes personalize the daily practices and/or provide additional resources for mastering the practices (images, videos, downloads etc.)
  • Performance and compliance tracking
  • Daily accountability with email reminders of what to do each day
  • Personal profile with all performance data
  • Access to a Regner8 coach on a private Facebook group
  • 1hr orientation session before program begins
  • 3x 1hr team check ins every month throughout the course of the program
  • Email check ins from Regener8 coaches that monitor your progress

Topics covered:

  • Physical self care
    • Foam rolling
    • Pressure points
    • Mobility drills specific for your sport
    • Common muscle imbalance fixes specific to your sport
  • Regener8 recovery protocols
  • Pre/during/post game nutrition
  • Daily nutrition for optimizing performance
  • Supplementation
  • Sleep
  • Mindset makeover