Regener8 Game Day

Regener8 Game Day is our real-time athlete “recovery” service designed to be set up on-site in our Regener8 Station. We provide athletes the edge by assisting them to maximize their performance, reduce their chances of getting injured and make sure they are ready to give 100% next time they compete! We are equipped to go mobile anywhere, anytime.

Think of us as a mobile training room complete with trainers, therapists, doctors, tables, supplies and protection from the elements. Contact us today to find out how we can help your athletes get the edge and optimize their performance by producing Game Day winning results!

See how you can benefit from our services.

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Regener8 Game Day Services
are provided onsite at

  • Sports Events/Tournaments
  • Sports Venues
  •  Team Training Camps/Instructional Sports Training Camps
  • Team Practices and Games
  • Obstacle Courses

What we do:

  • Deliver 10, 15 or 20 minute Regener8 sessions
  • Keep athletes loose & relieve any muscle cramping, spasm & tightness
  • Focus on sport specific muscles that are tight, achy & sore
  • Increase circulation and help remove lactic acid build up from intense exercise
  • Help you recover faster before your next game or training session
  • Replenish and Rehydrate your body with natural, safe and healthy supplements to optimize your performance